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Together for the care of the environment: Wakate and the community planted 200 native trees in the village of El Cardal in the municipality of Neira, Caldas.

Wakate and its GreenLand Foundation – FGL continue working for the reforestation of the environment. Thus, on Friday, July 2nd, 20 inhabitants of the village of El Cardal in the municipality of Neira, Caldas, joined the Sembratón, organized by the Company, in which more than 50 species of native trees were planted, that contribute to increase the density of forests, biodiversity and the protection of water sources.

“It was a very favorable day with a high participation that shows that there is commitment and ownership for the care of natural resources that are for this and future generations. It is very valuable to generate an environmental culture of care and protection of resources that is materialized with events like today’s” said Alejandra Rivera, Social Advisor of the GreenLand-FGL Foundation.

The people of the community participated and became aware of Wakate’s commitment to develop a sustainable crop that protects and respects the environment and biodiversity. More and more inhabitants of the villages of Neira and Aranzazu are learning first-hand about Wakate’s sustainable work. For this reason, more people from the community participate in these programs promoted by the Company to fulfill together the purpose of contributing to the conservation of the environment.

Olga Patricia Arcila, Vice President of the Community Action Board of El Cardal, said “This sowathon is great, as it helps us to keep the water from running out because that is where we all feed ourselves, hopefully it will continue to be repeated. Wakate and its GreenLand-FGL Foundation are very committed to caring for the environment and I thank them”.

This planting is the beginning of a campaign that Wakate will extend to all the villages in its area of influence.


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