Strategy and sustainability

Our economic, environmental, and social purpose

Our value proposition is our framework for managing the most significant issues for the organization, to produce positive impacts on various stakeholders.

Value proposition

  • We are farmers and we provide solutions to meet our clients’ needs.
  • We are passionate in our search for excellence and sustainability.
  • We cultivate well-being for our families and the communities where we operate.
  • We establish close relationships.
  • We are the GreenLand family.
  • To be recognized as an agri-industrial group that creates value for its clients and shareholders, in a sustainable and reliable way, and promote well-being for their families and the community.

We are accountable.


We make things happen.


We are transparent, resilient, and close.


We work with a passion.


Financial strengthening and creation of surpluses.


Compliance with a differential and adequate value proposition.


Operational Excellence with consistent execution.


Business growth and projection.


The best people in the best place to work.




We build transparent, respectful, and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders as the basis to create value and endure over time. In 2021 we carried out a Perception Study that allowed us to understand how our stakeholders perceive the actions we implement, and thus align our objectives to generate value for them. This is how our stakeholders perceive us:

Most stakeholders lack a close knowledge of this business, except those that are directly related to it. The values highlighted by Wakate are respect, compliance, and responsibility in the Company’s actions. Likewise, they deem that Wakate has represented increased employment opportunities in the region, but they believe it’s necessary to unify benefits and work conditions. Though they lack details of the company’s financial management, it is perceived as being good and sound.

Moreover, the Company’s process optimization, and technology implementation is valued. They perceive that the business has high social commitments toward communities and emphasizes subjects such as building lives and education. In terms of the environment, they acknowledge the efforts made by Wakate and see an opportunity for improvement to expand good practices.

Sustainability Policy

During 2021 we implemented our Sustainability Policy, which is the framework for managing our businesses, and promotes an organizational culture in which all employees share and internalize the challenges we face with respect to this strategic pillar.