Our environmental footprint

We Preserve,
Reforest and

Protecting our ecosystems is a fundamental pillar of our production chain. We protect, preserve, and make efficient use of our resources, thus guaranteeing the sustainability of our companies but also the sustainability of the communities and territories where we operate.

We take care of our ecosystems

We promote conservation, recovery, and enrichment of natural habitats.

980 hectares
dedicated to conservation, equivalent to 48% of the total farm area

6,809 trees
planted in 2021

We preserve
water sources

We help preserve the quantity, quality, and availability of this valuable resource for ecosystems and nearby communities.
Water withdrawal

We manage our
carbon footprint

We measure our greenhouse gas emissions, and we carry out mitigation activities to become certified as carbon neutral in 2022.

Carbon footprint


We use nonconventional

We are working on eco efficient processes, trying for the lowest energy use and at the lowest cost. We manage a strategy to risks and use the opportunities that arise from the availability of energy resources and their appropriate uses, and we use the opportunities derived from the availability and appropriate use of energy resources, and we promote the use of renewable energy.

Our challenges

  • Implement reforestation programs in water recharge, easements, and forest edges to offset the carbon footprint and climate change. Thus, in 2022 we will plant 20,000 of the 40,000 trees scheduled for the Caldas region.
  • Continue to increase mechanical weed control to reduce the use of agrichemicals.
  • Continue measuring our carbon footprint and defining and monitoring the plan to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations. We will try to be carbon neutral in 2022.

Our indicators